Agribusiness Technology Management

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Technology management is an art and practice of fundamental technology management.

1. Agribusiness Technology Management

Agribusiness technology is one of the means to achieve the objectives of effectiveness, efficiency, and high productivity of agribusiness companies. Technology as a production resource should be able to be used precisely which includes the type of technology and the scale of its application. The determination of the type of technology is strongly related to the scale of the business, the type of business, the ability of cost, the ability of human resources, as well as the needs or desires of customers. Therefore, effective technology management efforts are needed ranging from technology planning, technology organizing, implementation, and supervision and evaluation of technology applications.

2. Technology planning

Consider the type of business and the scale of the business run, and consider the priorities of the field of technology to be developed in relation to the development of the business world and the national economy (macro scale). Considering the financing capabilities of development and application of technology Considering the capabilities and potential of human resources Considering the scale of the business and the level of competition Considering the culture, customs, and habits of the community

3. Technology Organizing

Includes organizing the necessary resources and allocating them appropriately and efficiently. The organization of technology applications must be done properly so that there are no errors (e.g. allocation and placement) that can lead to the inefficiency of the Implementation of Technology Implementation If the development plan and application of the technology has been drawn up and all the necessary resources are ready to be operational then the implementation activities can be started. Implementation activities start from development to the use of technology in the production / operation of the company.

4. Supervision, Evaluation and Control
The supervision function is carried out continuously starting from planning activities and in various aspects. As for evaluation can be done periodically to know the suitability between the plan, implementation and results and to know the irregularities of the original plan. Technology management is the process of interaction between science, engineering, and management with the revival of functional products, distribution, and administration (Gumbira Said, 1996) Technology management is a process of merging engineering and science with management (NRC in Gaynor, 1991)

5. Critical Issues in Technology Development

Technology development or dis engineering technology Merging technology and strategy Management / management using technology Investment analysis technology Selection and evaluation project Development business unit technology plan Improved performance of human resources Technology management on product revival aspects include various activities directly related to the use of science and engineering for research, as well as development and manufacturing

6. Technology in Agribusiness

Technology in agribusiness includes technology in a variety of agribusiness activities ranging from procurement and distribution of agricultural production facilities, production activities, processing to marketing. Currently, biotechnology-based technology has an advantage over conventional technology. Biotechnology advantages include: Biotechnology principles can be used to improve the quality of products and improve the characteristics of plants or animals so as to meet the needs and tastes of consumers. The principles of biotechnology have the potential to conserve natural resources and improve the quality of the environment by utilizing genetically engineered organisms to degrade toxic chemicals.

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